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35 Best Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Your Home


The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house. This is because your day will start with a cup of coffee and breakfast in the kitchen. It is the reason why it must be a comfortable and cozy place.

We have listed a few of the top ideas for adding small kitchen table to your space.

Metallic Round Table

small kitchen table 1

If you want to have a comfy and cozy space in your kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee, try this idea. The roundtable with a metallic top and wooden base is perfect for providing a unique and exceptional look. A banquette near the window provides a great view and plenty of sitting space.

Warm and Modern

small kitchen table 2

This wooden small kitchen table is perfect for blending in the wooden cabinet in your kitchen. To complement the table, you can add light-colored chairs. Use a stylish light to provide a contemporary appeal to your space. Add a big flower vase in the middle to add a splash of color.

White Galore

small kitchen table 3

The best way to complement your neutral color wooden floor and white cabinets are by adding a touch of white and yellow to your space. This white square small kitchen table is perfect for keeping things simple and plain. You can add some colors to the space by adding peachy chair cushions and light golden and green curtains.

Cozy and Neutral

small kitchen table 4

If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can get this round wooden table and add metal chairs. Add a metal lamp to the ceiling for providing a classy touch. The dark legs of the table accentuate the real look. This is the perfect way to a relaxing place.

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Hi-Tech Appeal

small kitchen table 5

An ideal way to enhance the white painted kitchen is by adding a white wooden table with a brown top. To bring an aesthetical appeal to space, use transparent seat chairs. This will give an illusion of a bigger space. Install a hanging lamp and a large plant on the corner to complete the modern look.


small kitchen table 6

For adding a plenty of eating space, try this wonderful idea. If you cannot have a banquette, you can instead, place round white shaped sofa to complement the white curtains. A round small kitchen table is an amazing way to provide a comfortable place. The dark wooden table goes well with the dark interior.

Bright and Spacious

small kitchen table 7

If you want to have a spacious looking kitchen, you can use this great idea. Use a small rectangle table in mint color and use dark wooden chairs. Have a banquette with light blue colored cushions that complement the white walls. Add a mirror to make your space appear bigger.

Stylish and Appealing

small kitchen table 8

The best way to enhance a bright colored kitchen is by having a wooden small kitchen table. The glass top table will look elegant in the corner in front of the window. The large windows bring in natural light to and enhance the atmosphere. Add personalized cushioned chairs to express your style.

small kitchen table 9

small kitchen table 10

There are many options for incorporating a small kitchen table in your kitchen. Try the ones you like the best.

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