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27 Best Small Inground Pool Ideas in 2019

The best Small Inground Pool Ideas are those that offer you some more ways to explore new options and just have fun with this. The results are extraordinary, so try to give these great ideas a shot and see for yourself what you like and what you dislike.

Are there benefits to having your own Small Inground Pool?

Yes, for example this is very friendly even for people without a lot of space. You have lots of room for entertainment and you can also focus on having a healthy and fun lifestyle, which is always a great experience to have all the time.

What about options?

First, there’s the shape that can be geometric, kidney, spool, in the form of 8 or an L, even freeform. When it comes to decking, you can use concrete, travertine, slate, marble, pebblestone, sundeck, flagstone, sandstone and limestone among others.

The water fixtures can easily be pool fountains, scuppers, deck jets, bubbles or deck jets. The affixed structures can be a deck, outdoor shower, spa, patio, cabana, hot tub and bar, among many others. You can also have some furniture nearby like a swing glider, tables, stone bench and tables. The accents matter too, such as garden ornaments, sun shades, lighting and plants.

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless, you will have no problem getting some great results.

1. Beautiful and simple

Small Inground Pool Ideas - beautiful and simple

Great Small Inground Pool Ideas can always be tricky to bring into production. But in this case an L shaped pool with a few palm trees would be what you need. The stone waterfall in particular is a great option.

2. Cool white fence

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Cool white fence

Placing a white fence near your pool is one of the more interesting Small Inground Pool Ideas out there. You have the ability to place some shrubs in there too, not to mention you have a white picket fence border to begin with. At the end you can decorate with a bronze statue ornament if you want to.

3. Swimmy

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Swimmy

The lap pool is a cool option because it has a waterfall and some mosaic too. It basically adds a sense of motion, and you can also place some river rocks nearby to give that sense of a natural waterfall if you want. Just check it out.

4. A great Small Inground Pool for your garden

A great Small Inground Pool for your garden

Even if it sounds and feels strange at times, a cool pool doesn’t have to be super large. This one is square and it has some retaining walls on the elevated patio to ensure that there are no problems. You also have a natural stone swimming deck too, which is a great pick.

5. Greek style

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Greek style

Adding underwater LED lights to your Grecian shaped pool is very nice. You can boost the decorative aspect with an outdoor kitchen and some ceramic side tables if you want to. This is a great option for parties, and it comes with pool included!

6. Add a Glass Fence

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Add a Glass Fence

Adding a glass fence might be one of the restrictive Small Inground Pool Ideas, but it actually works really well. You have a frameless glass pool with a beautiful fence and that will be quite an interesting option to consider.

7. Natural

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Natural

It’s one of the nicer Small Inground Pool Ideas because it has a stone waterfall at the end, and the bell shaped roof gives that extra space that you need from something like this. Topiaries can be used for privacy and protection too.

8. Family Option

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Family Option

Although this is a kidney shaped pool, you do have a large steel deck and plenty of options. The attention to detail is extraordinary and you will be amazed with the quality of it all in the end. There can be a wooden surface too if you want to add that.

9. Freeform

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Freeform

A freeform option is less restrictive, and in this case you also have a spa. But in order to do that, you need a rock edge and a small garden nearby to ensure that everything works the way you want. Adding some wicker armchairs with umbrella can also push the boundaries and make this more appealing, which is always a nice thing.

10. Roman Style

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Roman Style

The Roman style is always great when it comes to Small Inground Pool Ideas. It’s a geometric pool here and the best part is that you also have a tiled wall. It reminds you of the Roman baths, and it’s just a really nice option.

11. Barn

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Barn

Placing the Small Inground Pool near your barn is always a good one. The rectangular pools with a few wooden chair lounging in the back is a great pick. And you can go with any color variations that you may want.

12. Turquoise

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Turquoise

Stunning options without a lot of water will always be a great pick. The idea here is to be creative, push the boundaries and check out all the possible ideas and options as much as you can. Some lattice top panels for the white fence can work really well!

13. Pool with bar

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Pool with bar

In this case you can have a kidney shaped pool and some interesting jade and beige combination. The natural stone veneer wall can also add a bit of style into the mix. It’s a great pool with a wonderful bar near it. Great for parties.

14. Similar to the beach

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Similar to the beach

What makes this option great is that it has a similar style to the beach. You slowly get into the pool, and that can be a really nice option. A stone waterfall feature is exciting as it is rewarding and you will have a wonderful deck if you want as well. The possibilities are limitless here.

15. Great form

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Great form

There are so many options if you want to go freeform. The idea is to understand the right approach and use that the best way that you can. Some of the stacked boulders can be used as placement options if you want, it’s up to you. The desert style landscaping works too and it adds character.

16. Pebbles

Small Inground Pool Ideas - Pebbles

Having a style with lots of cool stones near it is one of the cooler Small Inground Pool Ideas. It’s definitely something to work on, especially if you want to have a deck and raised platforms.

In the end, there are a ton of great Small Inground Pool Ideas. You just have to find the right one for you and the experience can be very good. Avoid any kind of rush and you will be amazed with the experience. Just use that to your advantage for the best outcome!





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