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How to Make Your Living Room Appealing to the Eye

The holiday season is just around the corner and most of us are definitely expecting some guests. Why not surprise them this time by making a few changes at home. There are a million ways you can revamp that not so cool looking living room of yours.

Starting from rearranging the setting to changing the floor work and color of the walls, you can do anything once you’ve got the proper tools for the job. Before getting to work, you must know to what extent you’re willing to change the look of your living room. Is it just the curtains? Or are you willing to start from scratch? Once you’ve decided that you want to revamp the whole thing, now is the time to get creative.

You can juggle with various rug styles and wall patterns after browsing for some information on the internet. The internet is always there to provide you with something to begin with. You can always see what others are doing before you try to make your living room more attractive and appealing to the eye.

All Whites Is a Big No

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Evcn though how sophisticated you might be, turning everything from rugs and sofas to walls and curtains completely white is and should be a big no. Firstly it doesn’t look as classy as you might think it does and secondly, if you have kids or pets at home, you should never go with all whites. The color white can easily get messed up with food and mud and you obviously don’t want to go through the trouble cleaning all the dirt over and over again.

White and blue - living rooms color ideas

Always Look for Contrasts

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It is always good to mix up the colors a little. For example if your rug or carpet is blue or chocolate brown, then having white curtains or walls might not be a very bad option. Similarly, you can come up with different colors for your couch and table if any. Brown, black, blue, mauve and maroon are some of the colors that might go with white walls.


Keep It Simple

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There is no need for complicating the setting of your living room if you can’t even sit properly afterwards. Sometimes people add huge couch cushions that may look good to the naked eye but are not at all practical when you’re actually planning to sit and have some quality time with your loved ones.

Experimentation is key - living rooms color ideas

Hanging Frames Is a Good Idea

Jungle - living rooms color ideas

If you’re going with dark colors for your living room wall such as blue, maroon, black or even light colors such as beige, white or yellow, always try decorating the room with a frame or two. It not only makes the room look spacious, but also gives it that classy look that’s been missing.

Try Placing a Mirror on the Wall

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This one is especially for those whose living rooms are not that massive or huge. Adding mirrors or mirror like frames on walls are a good idea to give your living room that sophisticated look that has been missing. These mirrors need not to be very huge in size. A normal sized mirror frame would do the trick.

Compliment Loud Wall Colors with White

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If you’re going with loud wall colors such as orange, blood red or dark green, always compliment them with white colors things such as a white vase, painting, couch, rug, curtains or a bookshelf. This will help brighten up the room and prevent it from looking very dark and gloomy.

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Add Some Plants While You’re At It

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If you’re not the “taking care of plants type” of a person then you can always go with artificial plants but always try having a plant or two in the living room to give it an eco-friendly look. Having plants is always a nice option whether you hang them on the wall or put them in a vase of some sorts.

Make it shine - living rooms colors ideas

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Try Mixing Up the Colors

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It means that if your main wall is blue or dark grey, you can go with a comparatively lighter shade with the other walls such as beige, white or light green. Always try mixing up the wall colors to give them a unique and appealing look.

Always Go With a Wooden Coffee Table  

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Like most of the people, if you have a coffee table right in the middle of the living room, try not to color the table red, orange or yellow as it not a nursery classroom, it is your house’s living room where grownups will probably come and go quite often. Having a brown, black or sometimes white coffee table works for the room depending on the other contrasting colors.

Know Your Colors

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Whenever it comes to choosing the right color always be certain that the color you’re choosing goes with your personality and style of living. You can’t just give your living room that elegant look by looking at some catalogue or magazine. If you’re loud and messy, go with loud and messy.

Never Have Unnecessary Decoration Items

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If you already have nice contrasting color patterns and the couch, table and curtains are blending in fine, then you don’t need to add unnecessary decoration items, it not only looks messy, but handling, dusting and maintaining decoration pieces can be a hectic thing to do specially if you live alone.

Color is Everything

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Always be precise and accurate when it comes to choosing the wall colors because you can easily replace a vase, plant or a photo frame but, unfortunately that cannot be done with walls. Try not be too loud or too light with colors. Always try to be in between. Contrasting with darks and lights is always the best thing to do. It works most of the times.

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So much blue - living rooms color ideas

Do Proper Lighting

Black and Gray - living rooms color ideas

Try to be creative when it comes to lighting. Always remember that the light reflects according to the color of your walls therefore, make sure to have hard light if the walls are dark and gloomy otherwise the room will look way darker than you expected. After you’re done with the paint job, make sure that every corner of the room is lit up appropriately.





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    My wall’s are light grey and I have one dark grey you think i should get my sofá grey or beige? Can you help me please.

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    Aracelis Gonzalez

    My wa’lls are light grey and i have one dark grey you think i should get my sofá grey or beige? Can you help me please. Thank you.

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