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    45+ Best Laundry Room Cabinets: Pictures, Ideas & Designs


    A laundry room is a room where garments are washed and ironed. In any modern home, it would be equipped with a washing machine and clothes dryer, a laundry tub, an ironing board and sufficient cabinets for storing small items such as clothes, detergent etc. A typical laundry can usually be located besides kitchen in homes.

    It is not only a useful investment, but also a significant improvement towards making your house look tidy and organized. Moreover, this consists of cabinets to store your garments. Isn’t it every woman’s dream of having her own clean and spacious laundry room? A laundry room not only removes the havoc of washing garments in buckets and through dry-cleaning stores, but also saves time and money.  If you do not already own a laundry room, these ideas will make you want to start working on it right away.

    But first things first, it is important to consider some points whilst selecting a location for your laundry room. Excess water flooding at times, washing machine disasters, all may lead to a mess which makes is hard for a laundry room to be situated anywhere near bedrooms. Another aspect is of the noise, is the laundry room is anywhere near the study room (if you may have one) it might create disturbance when in use. It is important to use clever strategies for organizing your laundry room; less space can be utilized for more storage in a smart way for efficiency.

    1. Elegant Laundry Room Design

    Elegant Laundry Room Design

    This simple and elegant setup of laundry room cabinets fulfills all the requirements of an ideal laundry room. Despite being small in size, it provides the ultimate performance that one needs.

    2. Utilizing Cubbies for laundry

    Utilizing Cubbies for laundry

    If your children have grown up, your children’s play area or cubbies can be utilized reorganized as laundry rooms to use the extra space and even develop cabinets. Utilizing small spaces smartly for useful purposes such as laundry creates a great impression.

    3. Designs for Weathered Laundry areas

    Designs for Weathered Laundry areas

    Here is a refurnishing idea for worn-out laundry rooms that has all the high-end requirements and also helps in organizing your home. It is a clever strategy to use weather conditioned cabinets.

    4. All-in-one Laundry Room

    All-in-one Laundry Room

    This is an example of the ultimate laundry room which provides a number of cabinets and many storage options. An adding feature to this is the use of baskets, which complete the ambience with grace.

    5. Sand Themed Décor for Laundry room

    Sand Themed Décor for Laundry room

    Add sand-colored wooden cabinets to portray a rich yet subtle look which add to the beauty of your home.  This is one of the many standard themes that truly gives an elegant edge and gives a calm appearance.

    6. Classic Cabinets for Open Laundry

    Classic Cabinets for Open Laundry

    For those who prefer open and wide laundry rooms, this is an idea for a more open and effective shelf lineup that can work wonders.

    7. Textured Laundry Room Design

    Textured Laundry Room Design

    For people who love to play with contrasts, this is an eminent example of se of textured wood for cabinets to compliment white laundry appliances and create a look that is basic yet unique.

    8. Storage Ideas for Modern Laundry Room

    Storage Ideas for Modern Laundry Room

    This storage idea for laundry room is very much in vogue these days with its floor to ceiling cabinets and easy pull-out laundry organizer. This is great for people who have a modern sense of style.

    9. Pastel Laundry Room Décor

    Pastel Laundry Room Décor

    Take a look at this very fascinating and sweet laundry room setup encoring all the main elements- cabinets, organizing plans and subtle color with a hint of black.

    10. Laundry Room infused with Blue-Green Hues

    Laundry Room infused with Blue-Green Hues

    This contemporary pastel blue with a hint of green is the basic go-to design if you are in search of something new and elegant. The blinded cabinets are a highlighting addition although being classic in its style, give this room a modern look.

    11. Vintage Laundry Room Design

    Vintage Laundry Room Design

    This has a rather retro look to it being organized with jute baskets and the pale colors. It gives off old-fashioned vibes, very handy for someone who loves the 1900’s vibes.

    12. Corner Furnishings

    Corner Furnishings Laundry Room

    Utilize every inch of your space to equip the laundry equipments by applying corner cabinets. This is especially applicable to small areas considering all the stuff that needs to be accommodated.

    13. Grey –Mud Laundry Room Design

    Grey –Mud Laundry Room Design

    This laundry room design is created keeping in mind the vision of mud which is why the floor is selected carefully in terms of color and grey is selected for cabinets and appliances for contrast.

    14. Green laundry Room with Stainless-steel Washing

    Green laundry Room with Stainless-steel Washing

    This is an example of the modern day edge that metal or appliances and cabinets can give to your laundry rooms. You can also count plus points in terms of cleaning your laundry room as it would be comparatively much easier.

    15. Baskets in Laundry Room

    Baskets in Laundry Room

    Baskets in laundry rooms help in storage as well as add to the beauty of the ambience. Keep all your fundamentals around the washer in baskets.

    16. Contrast-themed Laundry Room

    Contrast-themed Laundry Room

    It is fascinating what paint can add to your home and set an elegant ambience if chosen the correct theme. This Black and white contrast is a classic contrast that gives off modern vibes!

    17. Retro Wood Laundry Room Design

    Retro Wood Laundry Room Design

    This is a very classic choice of design that sets a nostalgic tone for the laundry room.

    18. Dark themed and Mosaic Walls for Laundry Room

    Dark themed and Mosaic Walls for Laundry Room

    Take a look at this dark themed laundry room that is infused with mosaic walls and dark cabinets.  It also has a drying rack which adds plus points to this design.

    19. Camel Walls for Laundry Room

    Camel Walls for Laundry Room

    Camel stands among the very best of neutrals to develop a classic yet modern look. The white cabinets compliment these laundry rooms.

    20. Blue Hues for the Laundry

    Blue Hues for the Laundry

    This gorgeous smooth blue color for laundry room and matching appliances give a very modern look to your home.

    Tips and Tricks for reorganizing your Laundry room:

    1. If a laundry room is too little, you can make it appear bigger by incorporating corner organizing ideas and choosing pale colors for it to look spacious.
    2. Utilize the area behind the door, add floor to ceiling cabinets to use maximum space. It offers you more area to walk around and it permits to hang your clothing.
    3. Use light colors for walls and contrast them with darker cabinets or appliance if you have a taste for darker colors. Dark colors make the area appear smaller and chaotic.
    4. Backsplash and flooring tiles commit an excellent action of creating a soft and calm environment for your laundry room ideas.
    5. If you have don’t have enough light in your laundry room cabinets, utilize natural lighting through windows. It gives a fresh and clean vibe from your laundry room.

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